14th February 1944 - RAF Tanon

The boys were back home again, the old kite made it back. That was a pretty tough job, Jerry was waiting for them, not their scene at all. The promise of a 48hr leave pass and the rear gunner had got them back. Jack wondered if he will ever see the end of the war. He stared up at the flame haired devil girl on his Halifax and day dreamed of the Dance and of Phoebe. Would the Dance be on? Would Phoebe be there? He decided if she was he was going to ask her....
His thoughts were interrupted by the crews running to the briefing room. "Come on Jack", somebody shouted, "It's on". He followed his crew to see what all the fuss is about.

The C.O made his announcement.

"Gentlemen, the mission for Set the Night Ablaze is to expand the arena of themed events. Your target for tonight is to recreate the atmosphere of a period in which a time can be shared within a small pocket of living history".
There was a buzz around the place and Set the Night Ablaze would be heading the whole show.